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          起义军进城后 ,向百姓散发了很多财物,并宣布:“黄王起兵 ,本来就是为了穷苦百姓。

          正如驾驶玛莎拉蒂驰骋在赛道 ,驾驶者在享受速度带来的无限激情之时 ,更是对自我的一次次超越 !玛莎拉蒂Quattroporte总裁系列始终秉承初心。

          再看福特翼虎,对内饰没有过高要求 ,也不能太糊弄,这点翼虎就做得比较良心。

          如果你被打得遍体鳞伤,你就不能期待别人会伤害你 ,照顾你。

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        • (HIGH PITCH ED BUZZING)-东西都拿齐没 ? -拿齐了 别担心 - 保重- Have you got everything? -I've got everything. Don't worry.-你得打电话给MO说说... -噢 别管MO了Be careful.- You have to call Mo about... -Never mind Mo.-好了 我要走了 我爱你 -我爱你 -爱你-Okay, I'm going now. I love you. -Love you.-我爱你 -再见- Love you . - Bye.- 那么我们要去哪了? - 去个我们从未去过的地方- So where are we going? -Further than we've ever gone before.(DOCTOR WHO THEME)这是5,000,000,023年It's the year five billion and twenty-three.我们在M87银河星系 这是...这是新地球We're in the galaxy M87 and this... This is New Earth.这...ROSE: It's just...那...That's just...不错吧 很不错Not bad. Not bad at all.太神奇了ROSE: That's amazing.我一定不会习惯这的 一定不会I'll never get used to this, never.在我脚下不一样的大地Different ground beneath my feet. Different sky.不一样的天空那是什么气味 ?What's that smell?-苹果草的味道 -苹果草 -是的- Apple grass. - Apple grass. It's beautiful.好美噢 我喜欢Oh, I love this.我能说?Can I just say, travelling with you... I love it.我好喜欢和你一起旅行 !我也是!Me, too.过来Come on.人类!她是纯种人类Human! She's pure-blood human.靠近点 靠近点Closer, closer.在50亿年时 太阳膨胀炽烤着地球So, the year five billion, the sun expands, the Earth gets roasted.-那是我们第一次约会 -我们还吃了薯片That was our first date.We had chips.总之 行星完了 还有所有的陨石和尘埃 不过人类还活着 繁衍到其他星球去了So anyway, planet gone, all rocks and dust,but the human race lives on, spread out across the stars.当地球被太阳吞噬后 人类满怀乡愁 在重打精神后 找到这个地方As soon as the Earth burns up, oh, they get all nostalgic.Big revival movement. They find this place.和地球一样的尺寸 一样的空气 一样的运行轨道 真有趣Same size as the Earth, same air, same orbit, lovely.- 原来的命名过时了 人类搬了进去 - 这城市叫什么?The call goes out, the humans move in.- 新纽约 - 噢 拜托 - 是真的啊 !- What's the city called? - New New York.新纽约这城市 严格地来说 是 原始城市的第15次演变而来的 所以-Oh, come on. -It is!It's the City of New New York.Strictly speaking, it's the fifteenth New York since the original.命名为新...(15次)纽约So that makes itNew New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York.- 什么? - 你很不一样 - 新新博士- What? - You're so different.New new Doctor.不可能 我认识那个孩子CASSANDRA: Impossible! I recognise that child.她的脸 给我看看她的脸Her face! Show me her face!近点 近点 脸脸脸Closer, closer.Face, face, face!我们可以去看看新纽约 这样 重复命名好吗 ?Can we go and visit New New York? So good they named it twice.是的 我认为我们应该先到那一趟Well, I thought we might go there first.-为什么 那是什么? -某种医院- Why? What is it? -Some sort of hospital.旁边的初月是医院在宇宙的标记Green moon on the side, that's the universal symbol for hospitals.我收到这...I got this. A message on the psychic paper.在通灵纸片上有封信息有人想见我Someone wants to see me.噢 我以为我们仅仅是观光 进去吧 我们去买些葡萄吧Oh, and I thought we were just sightseeing.Come on, then, let's go and buy some grapes.噢!Rose Tyler 我认识它!Rose Tyler! I knew it!-那下流女刺客 -她正来这里 女主人 -这不仅仅是个巧合- That dirty blonde assassin. - She's coming here, mistress.But this is beyond coincidence. This is destiny.这是命运 至少 我可以对这小东西复仇...At last, I can be revenged on that little...-你身上的钱还挺多的 -我也没办法 我不喜欢医院 他们给人鬼鬼祟祟的感觉A bit rich coming from you.愿望花园现接受接下来15分钟的I can't help it. I don't like hospitals. They give me the creeps.(PA) The pleasure gardens will now take visitors携带绿色或蓝色的鉴别卡访客carrying green or blue identification cards for the next 15 minutes.访客不能在花园里横穿Visitors are reminded that cuttings from the gardens are not permitted.好漂亮Very smart. Not exactly NHS.确切来说不是国家健康中心 没有商店 我喜欢小商店No shop. I like the little shop.-我想在未来这还很遥远 -他们能治疗一切 人类继续和疾病进行对抗I thought this far in the future, they'd have cured everything.The human race moves on, but so do the viruses. It's an ongoing war.这是场进行中的战争希望 融洽 健康(PA) Hope, harmony and health.- 他们是猫 -现在不要盯着人家 想想在人家眼里你什么样子-又红又黄-They're cats. -Now, don't stare.Think what you look like to them. All pink and yellow.我估计我会把商店安置在那里That's where I'd put the shop, right there.26号房 谢谢Ward 26, thanks.不受控制Override controls.等等 等等Hold on, hold on!-不行 太迟了 我上去了 -没事 我坐另一辆电梯- Oh, too late. I'm going up. - All right, there's another lift.26号房 小心消毒剂Ward 26!- And watch out for the disinfectant. - Watch out for what?- 小心啥 ?- 消毒剂 ! - 什么 ?-The disinfectant! -The what?消...噢 你到时就知道了The dis... Oh, you'll find out.呃...26号房 谢谢Ward 26, thanks.‘开始消毒第一步’(PA) Commence stage one disinfection.‘开始消毒第一步’Commence stage one disinfection.人类娃干净了The human child is clean.呃 我在找26号房Erm, I'm looking for ward 26.这边 Rose TylerThis way, Rose Tyler.地方不错 不过楼下没商店- 我想去买点东西Nice place.No shop downstairs. I'd have a shop. Not a big one, just a shop.不用很大 只是个小商店 这样人们就可以买东西So people can shop.-医院是个治疗的地方 -商店对世界上的人们都有好处The hospital is a place of healing.A shop does some people the world of good. Not me, other people.不是我 是别的人终生承诺去帮助和医治The Sisters of Plenitude take a lifelong vow to help and to mend.抱歉!(GROANING)Excuse me!普通人要看Manhattan公爵需要 通过新纽约的参议院写证明Members of the public may only gaze upon the Duke of Manhattan-那是三倍衰老症 是吗 ? -我要死了 先生with written permission from the Senate of New New York.- That's petrifold regression, right? - I'm dying, sir.终身慈善节欲而下场却是如此A lifetime of charity and abstinence and it ends like this.Manhattan公爵所做的所有声明Any statements made by the Duke of Manhattan-都不能在没有官方允许下公开 -Frau Clovis!may not be made public without official clearance.Frau Clovis...-我好虚弱 -Jatt修女 给我们静处一下 劳驾了I'm so weak.Sister Jatt, a little privacy, please.-...他马上就起床了 -我怀疑 三倍衰老症-他快要变成石头了-He‘ll be up and about in no time. —I doubt it.Petrifold regression, he's turning to stone. There won't be a cure for a thousand years.没有治疗这种疾病的药方 噢 一千岁 他很快就能起来 不过是石头了He might be up and about but only as a statue.修女团体有着信念 但在这里没有人你是认识的?Have faith in the Sisterhood.But is there no one here you recognise?来医院没有探访的病人 是不太符合常理的It's rather unusual to visit without knowing the patient.不 我想我找到他了No, I think I've found him.Hame修女 如果我让这位绅士留下来 会不打扰你的护理工作Novice Hame, if I can leave this gentleman in your care.噢 我看我朋友迷路了 Rose Tyler 能在接待处帮我问一下吗?Oh, I think my friend got lost. Rose Tyler. Could you ask at reception?当然可以 先生Certainly, sir.恐怕Boe之脸睡着了I'm afraid the Face of Boe is asleep. That's all he tends to do these days.-这些天他几乎都在睡觉 -你们是朋友 ?我们只是在一号月台上见过一次 他怎么回事了?Are you a friend, or...We met just the once. On Platform One. What's wrong with him?我很抱歉 我以为你知道I'm so sorry. I thought you knew.Boe之脸快要死了The Face of Boe is dying.-因为什么? -年老了- Of what? -Old age. One thing we can't cure.这是我们唯一不能治疗的他都几千岁了 有些人说他几百万岁 尽管那是不可能的He's thousands of years old, some people say millions,although that's impossible.噢 我不知道 我喜欢不可能Oh, I don't know. I like impossible.我在这 我看起来是很不同 但是我 我是博士I'm here. I look a bit different, but it's me.It's the Doctor.(THE FACE OF BOE GROANING)(PEOPLE CHATTERING)MAN: Look at me!Isn't it wonderful?啊 你决不会知道你的命运将会如何 不会 !Well, you never know what your life is going to be like, ever.我喝厌了这饮料I'm bored with this drink. Anyway...总之...噢 你好 亲爱的!噢!Oh, hello, darling. Oh! Now don't. Stop it.-不要 别这样 ! -等等 那是...躲躲猫 !Wait a minute. That's...你不要四处跟踪我 CassandraPeek-a-boo!Don't you come anywhere near me, Cassandra.为什么 你认为我要干吗 ? 把你拍死?Why? What do you think I'm going to do? Flap you to death?是的 但Gollum怎样?- Yeah, but what about Gollum? - Oh, that's just Chip. He's my pet.噢 那是Chip 他是我的宠物我崇拜女主人I worship the mistress.湿湿我 湿湿我!Moisturise me, moisturise me.严格来说他还不算是生物体 他是强制生长的克隆体He's not even a proper life form. He's a force—grown clone.我把他塑造成我喜欢的类型 但他是个失败品I modelled him on my favourite pattern.But he's so faithful.Chip负责我的身体需求Chip sees to my physical needs.希望那是指食物I hope that means food. How come you're still alive?-但你是怎么活着的? -在我谋杀你之后? -那是你自取-After you murdered me? —That was your own fault.更多内容请百度搜索:可小果。




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        • 而在进入到宋朝之后 ,孔府菜的一等宴主要是招待帝王或者是王公大臣。

          上天永远喜欢勤奋的人 ,只要你肯努力,致富的办法总是有的。

          初看这些关键词,世人都会联想到怎样的画面呢?实际想象到的画面 ,或许正表现出了俗世眼光的毒辣之处。

          正是因为这件事情被曝光,此后这期节目中的各种毛病也被人们挑了出来 ,包括三观不正 ,拜金主义等 ,再加上主持人相继被爆黑料或者出丑 ,这档节目也逐渐被时代的潮流所吞没。

          其他的小演员文志、董靖坤、张韬、林轩、张舜禹等,不是跆拳道世界冠军,就是世界武道大赛冠军 ,年龄小的也拿到了跆拳道全国冠军。


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        • ”鲍勃的儿子还给他的约会提建议,那个来自63年前的吻就是他儿子的主意。

          西红柿汁西红柿因含有大量的维生素C,被誉为“维生素C的仓库” ,长期食用西红柿能抑制黑色素的生长,达到美白嫩肤的作用。

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        • 乱世之中 ,英雄辈出 ! 然而英雄们大多倒下了,倒在罗格的脚下。

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        • 随着时间的推移,冰与火,冷与热不停的摩擦 ,这片广阔的不毛之地中央出现了一个无底深渊,其中弥漫着深不可测的寒雾和无尽的神秘。

          那个时候的自己 ,就好像赤身裸体站于人群中。




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        • 开起来后动力中规中矩 ,不像涡轮增压发动机那么有爆发力,可优点是输出平顺、线性,给人的感觉轻松好开 ,并且燃油经济性也比较出色。

          当日 ,西甲西班牙人队重回球队主场——科尔内亚·埃尔普拉特球场训练,这是球队自西甲受到新冠疫情影响暂停以来首次在主场训练。

          他缓步走近藤床,睡榻上的纪彩云突然见他,嘴里“嗯嗯”两声,他立马上前 ,把她被绑于背后的手松开:“彩云 ,清醒点。


          虎扑8月30日讯 欧冠颁奖曁抽签仪式正在进行 ,根据现场镜头的捕捉 ,梅西和C罗在不停交流。


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